Domaine Le Crouzet

Return to the roots, to the essential, to the vital, promoting rural spaces and know-how, participate in a territorial dynamic that revives the countryside.

Made with nature, with what the local environment offers.

Quality is the principal element.
Ethics of the process are indispensable.It’s up to us to bring the two together.

Sébastien Bru
Farmer, winemaker, agronomist.



A dry and rocky landscape on the hills of Cabardés, between the villages of Aragon and Fraïsse-Cabardés, where the scrubland meets the black mountain, rich in limestone and shale.

The story of a family recovery, a reappropriation of the development of wine, an agricultural diversification and the strong will to be closer to the rhythms of life and to be proud to do what we do.

The vineyards surround the farmhouse, nestled at the base of this valley between the Mediterranean plateaus and the forests of pine and green oak.

Merlot, Grenache, Muscat, Cabernet-franc, Viognier, Colombard, Marselan, Marsanne, Riesling… on 12 hectares.


Libellule (dragonfly)

Dry but fruity wine, harvested by hand from ripe fruits, mono-varietal of Colombard, aged in barrels and “demi-muids”.

L'Estive (Summery)

Dry and meaty rosé, hand-harvested from ripe fruits, a blend of Grenache and Muscat, vinified in barrels and “demi-muids”.

Entre-temps (Meanwhile)

A blend of Merlot and Grenache, it is born from a selection of the best barrels. A powerful wine, very aromatic, spicy and lightly woody. Delicate mouth-feel.

Le Tournis (The headspinner)

A blend of Merlot and Grenache. Very aromatic and fruity, this wine preserves a raw note reflecting the Mediterranean climate of our soil.


2019. Red wine vinified without added sulfite. 14°. 100% Merlot grape variety. Ripe Fruits. The nose is very addictive and the entry in the mouth reminds us of red fruits. To open in advance or decant in order to lengthen the end of the mouth. Hand -picked. Conversion to organic farming.

Amphore (Amphora)

2020. Red wine vinified for 12 months in terracotta in amphorae or 160 liter jar. Each amphora will develop its peculiarity. The great porosity of the terracotta will give this wine unique quality. It is undoubtedly the most successful red wine in our range. 100% Merlot grape variety. Hand-picked. AB certified

L’Emoustille. (Delight)

2021. Natural sparkling rosé. Dry. Vinified without added sulfite. 11,5°. Blend of Muscat de Hambourg / Grenache grape varieties. Fine bubble. Hand-picked, Organic.

Le P'tit jus de raisin

Grape juice. Pure pasteurised juice, black Muscat de Hambourg



Holiday cottages

Two comfortable cottages are available on site, one is attached to the main building, the other can be found in a separate building, which can sleep respectively 6 and 4 people.

Riders are welcome, and there is the possibility of equestrian accommodation.

Gîte du Fournil
(Fournil's cottage)






Reservation :
or 07 82 31 92 20





Gîte des Cascailles
(Cascailles's cottage)